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This function changes the color and shape of the background, text, channel, and button. You can apply a theme to the entire site, or only to specific pages or channels.
Preview of theme types
How to set up
Select Theme icon from the toolbar at the top of the editing screen .
Select whether you want to apply the theme to the whole site or just this page and select the Change button below .
Check out the different types of themes, preview how each theme will look, and decide which one you want to apply.
Site theme will be applied to all subpages and channels on your site. They are not affected by the theme of the page or channel's parent page. Additionally, the color of text or button that you change yourself will not change even if you apply a theme.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. The site's theme looks different from what I set.
A. If you do not apply a theme or set it as the default system theme, your site theme will appear according to the visitor's system setting. If you want it to look just the way you want, you can choose light theme, dark theme, or other themes.
Q. Can I change the color of the theme?
A. It is not currently possible, but it will be updated soon.
Q. If I apply a theme to a site that is already live, when will it be reflected?
A. Theme is applied as soon as you choose it.