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Google Sheets integration (Beta feature)

This integration automatically records your channel data in Google Spreadsheets.
Google Sheets Connection
In the edit mode of the channel where you want to send data to Google Sheets, click Integrations in the page menu on the right side of the screen.
Find Google Sheets among the items, and click Connect.
Log in to the Google account where you want to create the spreadsheet and click Allow to grant access to SlashPage.
Set connection name
In the integration settings, give your connection a name or description in the Connection name field to easily manage multiple integrations.
Check the created spreadsheet
The spreadsheet connected to the channel is automatically generated. You can check the sheet by clicking the link. You can also find the sheet created in My Drive, with access set to 'Restricted'.
Enter a name for the sheet where the channel's information will be saved.
Export existing data
You can also record data created before the integration in the sheet by clicking Export existing data.
Check the result
Once the integration is complete, you will see it in the Connections tab. Here, you can turn the integration on or off, edit the integration details (connection name, target channel, and message), or delete the integration.
When a new post is posted on the connected SlashPage channel, it will be saved in the spreadsheet like in the example below.
Tip. If you connect a form channel, you can automatically save form results to a spreadsheet.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. If I change the location or permissions of a connected Google Sheet, will it be disconnected from my SlashPage channel?
A. No, the connection is maintained even if you change the location or permissions of the sheet, so you can move it or change the permissions at your convenience.
Q. Is it okay to change the name of the sheet frequently?
A. Renaming a sheet does not affect the connection.
Q. Is it okay to edit the contents of the sheet?
A. You can make any edits, including making notes, as long as it is not an area where data from the connected channel is written. However, if you edit or write in that area, the existing content will be overwritten when the channel's data is automatically created.