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Cover image

This is a full-width image at the top of pages and blog posts. You can add your own image or use one from Unslplash images.
Apply cover image
If you select Custom at the top of the screen and activate Cover (green), a random cover image will be applied.
Change image
Click Change Image in the Cover Image Toolbar and load the image from the Upload tab.
Find the right image on Unsplash
Please search for keywords in Change Image > Unsplash tab in the Cover Image Toolbar .
Alternatively, you can click 🔀 to load random images until you find the right one.
Place the cursor at the bottom end of the cover image and drag it up or down.
Cover Image Size Tips
The width should be at least 1800px to look clear even on PC.
The height can be modified in 5px increments from 200px to 700px.
Image area
To adjust the area to be displayed, place the cursor on the image. Drag it to display the desired part.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. The cover image looks different on mobile and PC.
A. Cover image size on mobile devices is fixed regardless of what is set on the PC. Since mobile UI focuses mainly on the center of the cover image, please check the appearance on both PC and mobile after setting the cover.