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Basic button

A basic button where you can link actions such as URLs, site subscriptions, other pages and channels within SlashPage, direct messages, phone calls, and emails. You can set various colors and alignments.
Create Button
Enter /button in the empty space and select Basic Button . Or click + on the left side of the block and select Basic Button . Click ‘Input button name’ of the created button and enter a name.
Add URL to an external site
Enter the site URL in the ‘Input URL or keyword’ box below the button name. Click the completed URL in Open Link or press Enter.
An icon is automatically added based on the URL. The icon can be deleted by clicking - .
You can also connect your email, phone, or text message like below.
Mail → mailto: name@company․com
Phone → tel: 0123456789
Text → sms: 0123456789
Add links to other pages and channels within SlashPage
Search for the page or channel name you want to add in the 'Input URL or keyword' field below the button name, and select one from the search results displayed in Open page .
Subscribe, Copy link, DM
Click the 'Input URL or keyword' field below the button name and select one of the three functions in Command .
Subscribe Page: Subscribe to the site and receive notifications.
Copy page link: Copy the link of the page.
Send DM to (nickname): Send a direct message to the site owner.
Color, Width, and Alignment
You can change the following settings in the toolbar that appears when you click the button.
Button and text color: Use the color picker to pick a color from another part of the screen, select a color from the palette, or enter a color code.
Full Width: When enabled(green), the button will stretch to fit the page width.
Alignment: Change the button alignment to left, center, or right. (You can change the alignment of button name when full width is enabled.)