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Kanban Board Channel

This is a channel where you can display posts in the form of a Kanban board. Each post can be organized by field, and you can add various fields such as Created at, Date, Assignee, and more.
Create a channel
Type /kanbanboard in the empty space , or click + on the left side of the block and select Kanbanboard . Or, select +Add section at the top and then select Kanban Board .
Name the channel and write a description
The channel name and description are reflected in the preview that appears when you share a link.
Create a new post
Click New at the top or + New in the board. Write a title, field, and content, which will be reflected immediately in the view mode.
Move a post
Each post can be moved to another field by dragging and dropping it.
Add a field
Click + Add in the post. You can add text, numbers, checkboxes, selection, multi-selection, status, person, date, created at, and last modified.
Select the field you want to add and set the name and visibility of the item.
Enter or select an option based on the item type.
Field settings
Click Field at the top right of the Kanban board .
You can change the order in which the fields appear by dragging the handle in front of each field.
If you select the eye icon, you can set it to be hidden in the Kanban board.
If you select the pencil icon, you can edit the field name and options for each field.
Click Sort to select the items that you want to sort by. You can select the arrow icon to sort in ascending or descending order.
To add an additional sorting, click + Add below an existing sorting and select the desired field.
You can reorder sortings by dragging the handle in front of each field.
Click Filter to select the items you want to sort by.
To add an additional filter, click + Add below an existing filter iand select the desired field.
Depending on the field, you can select conditions such as whether to include a specific option, before or after a specific date, etc.
The Kanban channel can be changed to the List channel . You can also change it to a different channel, but then the fields will not be visible.