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Member permissions and invitations

Unlike subscribers, members are users who have permission on your site. Types of permissions (roles) are Can manage, Can edit, Can post/comment, and Can read.
Member permission type
Higher-level permissions include all lower-level permissions.
Site owner
You can change the site name and favicon. This permission can only be transferred with ownership transfer.
Can manage
You can check and change page/channel settings. You can delete posts written by others in a channel. You can invite and edit members.
Can edit
You can add, edit, and delete pages and channels.
Can post/comment
You can write posts, comments, and leave reactions in the channel.
Can read
You can check pages and channel posts.
Only the author can edit channel posts, but users with 'Can manage' permission can delete them.
Permissions per site, page, and channel
Member permissions can be set on a site, page, or channel basis. You can set permissions by clicking •••  on the upper right corner of the site and choosing page/channel settings for which you want to set permissions.
Invite members and set permissions
Click the Share icon in the upper right corner and select Invite menu.
Enter the email of the member you want to invite, select permissions, and click Invite button.
You can invite multiple people at once by copying the email address in the Excel sheet, or you can enter only the email domain, such as to only invite those who use that domain.
To invite people whose emails you don't know, activate invite by link and click Copy link to share the copied link. Members who sign up using the invitation link will sign up with read-only permissions.
Edit member permissions
To modify site member permissions, click Member List at the top left of the sidebar.
If you click the current permission to the right of the member nickname and select the permission to change, it will be reflected immediately.
If the invited member status still appears to be pending , you can resend the email by clicking Resend invitation mail .