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You can place two or more blocks horizontally in a row. It can be applied to all types of blocks, including text, images, and tables.
Add column
There are 3 ways to add a column.
Click and hold the handle of one block, then drag and drop it to the left or right of another block.
If you enter /column in an empty space and press Enter , a column block will be added.
Click + on the left side of the block and select Column .
You can also add another column within a column.
Adjust width
Click and drag the vertical gray line between two columns to the left or right.
Delete column
Click the handle to the left of the block you want to remove from the column, then drag and drop it somewhere else.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. The column disappears on mobile devices.
A. On mobile devices or PC screens with a narrow window width, it may appear that there are no columns for readability.