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This is a block that allows you to add images in various formats such as JPG, PNG, and GIF. You can connect a link, write a caption, and align the image.
Add image
There are 3 ways to add it.
If you enter /image in an empty space and press Enter , an image block will be added. Or click + on the left side of the block and select Image .
Drag the image from the folder to an empty space.
Paste the copied image into an empty space.
Resize Image
When you hover your cursor over the image, small bars will appear on either side. Click and drag the bar. Stretch it to the end of the screen to make it to the full width
Change image
Click the handle to the left of the image block, select Replace Image and load the image you want.
Spotlighted image
Click the handle to the left of the image block to activate (green) the spotlight image . You can only set one spotlight image per page or post, and once set, it will be displayed as a representative image in the upper left corner .
Representative images are applied as thumbnails in the following cases:
Preview of search results, including Google
Links shared on messengers, social media, etc.
List of posts in blog channel
Additional settings
You can apply the functions below by clicking the left handle of the image block.
Corner Radius: Round the four corners of the image.
Link: Add a link to move when the image is clicked.
Align: Align the image left, center, or right.
Caption: Write a description in small letters below the image.
Full Width: Increases the image size to fill both sides of the screen regardless of the page width.
Disable Zoom: Clicking on the image will not zoom it.