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Slack Integration (Beta feature)

The Slack integration sends notifications to a designated Slack channel whenever there are new posts in the channel on your SlashPage site.
Connect to Slack
In the edit mode of the channel you want to integrate with Slack, click Integrations in the Page tab of the right settings panel.
Find Slack among the items, and click Connect.
Enter your Slack workspace URL to connect. After signing into your Slack workspace, click Allow to grant access to SlashPage.
Set connection name
In the integration settings, give your connection a name or description in the Connection name field to easily manage multiple integrations.
Select a Channel to receive notifications
Open the dropdown menu and choose a channel you want to connect.
How to make a private channel appear in the list
Open your private channel in Slack and click the channel name in the conversation header.
Go to the Integrations tab and click Add an App.
Search for ‘SlashPage’ and click Add .
Return to your SlashPage site, refresh the page, and select the private channel from the dropdown menu.
Customize the message
You can check the default notification message format and personalize the message.
Click + to insert specific data from your site. After customizing the message, click Save to complete the integration.
How to format text
Slack supports mrkdwn formatting to style your text. Here are some examples:
Check the result
Once the integration is complete, you will see it in the Connections tab. Here, you can turn the integration on or off, edit the integration details (connection name, target channel, and message), or delete the integration.
When a new post is posted on the connected SlashPage channel, you will receive a real-time notification in Slack like in the example below.