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Image slider

This is a block that allows you to display multiple images, GIFs, and videos in one slider. The slider width can be adjusted to be wider or narrower regardless of the page width.
Create an image slider
There are 3 ways to add an image slider.
Click and hold the image block's handle, then drag and drop it to the left or right of another image, GIF, or video block.
Enter /imageslider in the empty space and click Enter .
Click + on the left side of the block and select Image Slider .
Add images and videos
There are 3 ways to add images and videos into the image slider.
Drag and drop blocks from the page into the slider.
Click + in the slider to upload the image or video you want.
Drag and drop the image or video from the folder into the slider.
Reorder•Remove Image
Drag and drop the handle of an image or video block to the left or right to change its order. To remove it, drag and drop it outside the slider.