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Use the Webhook API to publish posts to your desired channel without accessing SlashPage.
Using the webhook feature requires development knowledge. If you have any difficulties, please contact us at .
Use webhooks
On the channel where you want to publish the post, click ••• in the upper right corner of the edit screen and select Channel Settings .
In the Webhook Token Management menu , click Add New Key to choose between the default profile and a new profile.
Default profile: Use the profile image and nickname of the currently logged in account as the author profile.
New Profile: Set a new profile image and nickname for the author
Once you select a profile, a token key will be issued.
If you call the Webhook API from the development tool you are using by filling in the information below, the post will be automatically registered in the channel.
If you want to issue to multiple channels, you must issue separate tokens for each channel.
Title: Title of article
Body: Body of the text in Markdown format
Token Key: Token key issued above